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Wildlife Conservation Education and Presentations

Be a part of this fresh and unique opportunity to see magnificent live invertebrates as you never have before. Participants will be left with memorable experiences after viewing the display of invertebrates.

The public continually ask “How long are you here for The attraction of the Spineless Wonders exhibition brings return business to your shopping centre. Children love to revisit their favourite invertebrates friends which they have already met at their school.

David and Fleur Knowles enthusiastically share their passion for flora and fauna with patrons. They have the ability to engage their attention and answer questions to any developmental level by drawing upon his wealth of knowledge and experience.

Why Spineless Wonders

Spineless Wonders brings together unique insights and powerful images of Insects and Arachnids in an educational presentation that never fails to inspire. Our goal is to install a correct perspective of life’s wonderful biodiversity in all people as well as leave them with images that will pervade their thoughts and attitudes for the rest of their lives. We aim to make a difference!

Invertebrates play a crucial ecological role as major pollinators, sap suckers, leaf pruners, recyclers, predators and prey.

Spineless Wonders Testimonials.

"Thanks for running the wonderful sessions – a real treat for the kids and their parents. It was fun to work with you both and we look forward to more sessions in the future.

Kind regards,

Sharon Carnegie
City of Wanneroo Library Service

"It was great having you there and certainly I got excellent feedback and saw people having lots of fun with your creatures. Lovely to meet you and work alongside your gentle grace…"

Linda City of Cockburn

"Spineless Wonders is really very popular, I’ll have them again.
Centre Manager Karindya Park Shopping Centre

Thank you so very much for your wonderful display and flexibility on the day! We have got so much positive feedback about you guys and your display. I would love to have you again if we can!"

Sonja City of Cambridge

"We received lots of positive feedback, I would especially like to thank David for a well delivered presentation and for your patience in answering all questions asked.
Marketing Manager The Bentley Centre

Many thanks, your display was great! I had some great feed back in regards to you guys and I saw a crowd with you essentially all day. You both worked very hard for our event which we are grateful and appreciative of, thanks"

Leonie Sunfair UWA


Spineless Wonders successfully displays in hundreds of schools, libraries and at many council events and the following shopping centres, and many more…


Price (all GST included) effective 1/8/18. 

  • A flat rate of $1,120.00/day with a maximum of four one-hour presentations with a maximum of 30 students in each presentation.

  • 3 one-hour presentations $840:00.

  • 2 one-hour presentations for $560:00.

  • In general we do not visit for a single one hour presentation. However, over the years we have found some unique situations (e.g. an off-site kindergarten) that call for a one-hour presentation for $350:00.



Check out the Western Australian invertebrate posters for your teaching resources at only $15.00 each.


Presentations given outside the metro area will attract a fuel charge in line with the current Consumer Price Index and commercial travellers rate (dollars/km) to and from the outer metro area (30 km radius). Schools in the same district are encouraged to combine consecutive days in order to share fuel charges.


If outdoors a long marquee to fit eight trestles.
Floor plan – please create a space so the exhibition is not cramped.
eight trestles standing in a U formation.


Access to power.
3 self standing pin-up boards if possible (ideally velcro).


Fleur & David Knowles T/A Spineless Wonders
ABN 92792 251 065
WWC check
David Knowles 1178908 expiry October 2018
Fleur Knowles 1144139 expiry October 2018
DOE Screening unit current
David Knowles SCN991584670
Fleur Knowles SCN1503396073
Public liability renewed each November
Department of Environment & Conservation license no.WD000395


A PDF of the above documents can be emailed if requested
Spineless Wonders accepts no liability in case of third party negligence.

Although we take all precautions no liability is accepted in the case of sickness, injury, personal loss, inclement weather or “acts of God”.
Spineless Wonders reserves the right to amend, modify, alter or cancel any presentation/exhibit as deemed necessary.
In the unlikely event of cancellation by Spineless Wonders any outstanding deposit will be returned if an alternative arrangement cannot be met.

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