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David Knowles

David Knowles was born in Brisbane Australia where he had the opportunity to fossick around for insects and reptiles in the lush rain-forest gully behind his grandparent’s home in Brisbane. From these early childhood experiences he developed a passion for insects, insect-plant relationships, scorpions and spiders, as well as for reptiles. He has traveled widely throughout Australia and South-east Asia photographing wildlife for his extensive photographic collection. David’s photography and writing have been widely published.

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Why Care For Invertebrates? 

"Invertebrates are central to the functioning of ecosystems, yet they are underappreciated and understudied. Recent work has shown that they are suffering from rapid decline. Here we call for a greater focus on invertebrates and make recommendations for future investigation.

Invertebrates rule the world as we know it in terms of biodiversity and the functioning of ecosystems."

Nico EisenhauerAletta Bonn &​ Carlos A. Guerra 

Nature Communications volume 10, Article number: 50 (2019)

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