David photographing an insect at Mount Kinabalu Sabah Malaysia

David using microscope for identification purposes.

Light trapping at Gwambygine Pool Conservation Reserve

Spineless Wonders macroinvertebrate and herpetofauna survey consultancy


Scope - Spineless Wonders offers the most comprehensive macrofaunal (animals above 2.0mm in body size) sampling techniques that reward the client with a huge boost in biodiversity awareness of the conservation estate in their care by targeting the largest group of animals (97%). These are the macroinvertebrates and herpetofauna. We cover the whole south west corner of the State (see pie chart)


Value - This will easily be seen when the species count delivered by SW is divided by the dollars invested per survey. We do not only supply a report with a long latin/Greek list of species (as most do not have common names), we augment this list with a corresponding, logically derived, list of common names and the all-important professional level photograph of the living animal. This forms the basis of a ‘guide book’ that can be built on in the future as different time slots are sampled. We prescribe three time slots for each site at the highest reward times. In addition, we reserve enough time to respond to prime weather conditions as this can make a large difference to the ‘species revealed per dollar invested ratio’ for the client group or organization. 


SupportSpineless Wonders offers groups and organizations a training package that allows further structured survey work to continue into time slots outside of SW samples. We also the offer the client the option to rent trapping materials and kit.

Completed fauna (macroinvertebrate and herpetofauna) inventory surveys include:

Bannister Creek Perth W.A. (SERCUL)
Baracca Nature Reserve W.A.
Blackboy Ridge Reserve Chittering W.A.
Bullsbrook Nature Reserve W.A.
Bungendore Park Reserve Bedfordale W.A.
Bunjil Rocks Bioblitz
Fairfield Bushland (for Bannister Creek Catchment Group Inc), Perth.
Gwambygine Pool Conservation Reserve (for River Conservation Society) York W.A.
Iluka Foreshore Perth W.A.
Ioppolo Nature Reserve Gingin W.A.
Hillview Morawa for Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund Limited
Landcorp development sites fauna removal, Perth.
Leige Street Wetland Site (for Two Rivers Catchment Group Inc), Perth.
Malkup Brook Nature Reserve Toodyay W.A.
Mavis Jeffferys Nature Reserve Toodyay W.A.
Montessori Bushland Kingsley Perth
Mooliabeenee Nature Reserve W.A.
Mullaloo Beach Community Group, Perth.
Port Kennedy LCDC
Wingedyne Nature Reserve Bioblitz

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