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Spineless Wonders was conceived by David and Fleur Knowles in 1998 as a Perth Western Australia-based wildlife education service specialising in the largest group of visible living creatures – the Arthropods (mini-beasts).

(Invertebrates are central to the functioning of ecosystems, yet they are underappreciated and understudied.  Invertebrates rule the world as we know it in terms of biodiversity and the functioning of ecosystems.) 

Recognizing the quiet extinction of invertebrates​

Nico EisenhauerAletta BonnCarlos A. Guerra 


To be advocates for the largest group of creatures on land by introducing people to the wonderful biodiversity in invertebrates.


To address the imbalance in the education field regarding mini-beasts, especially the world's most numerous land animals – the insects and spiders.
No other animal group has a greater collective impact on world terrestrial environments, other than humans. Mini-beasts play vital roles in our environment as cleaners, pollinators, recyclers, sources of food, prey and predators.


We have found people may be entomophobic (insect fearing) and arachnophobic (spider fearing). Spineless Wonders endeavors to help people understand the true breadth and function of invertebrates.
With a correct understanding people may be enlightened and respectful towards this huge group of animals.

We present through out in the south-west of Western Australia.
Presentations are based on one hour with a maximum of 30 students in each group. Four one hour presentations are available in one school day.





Price (all GST included) effective 1/8/2018. 

  • A flat rate of $1,120.00/day with a maximum of four one-hour presentations with a maximum of 30 students in each presentation. If there are a few over 30 it will be $5.50/child.

  • 3 one-hour presentations $840:00.

  • 2 one-hour presentations for $560:00.

  • In general we do not visit for a single one hour presentation. However, over the years we have found some unique situations (e.g. an off-site kindergarten) that call for a one-hour presentation for $350:00.


Check out the Western Australian invertebrate posters for your teaching resources at only $15.00 each.

Presentations given outside the metro area will attract a fuel charge in line with the current Consumer Price Index and commercial traveller rate (dollars/km) to and from the outer metro area (30 km radius). Schools in the same district are encouraged to combine consecutive days in order to share fuel charges.

The main learning outcomes Spineless Wonders addresses
are found in:

Humanities and Social Sciences

Each presentation is a fresh and unique opportunity for children to see magnificent invertebrates that they are unlikely to have seen alive. Children are left with memorable experiences after participating in the presentation which combines humour, fact and myth with world class wildlife photography, still displays and the resoundingly successful hands-on component.

David and Fleur Knowles have the ability to gain children’s attention by enthusiastically sharing their passion for the natural world by using appropriate language to the children’s developmental level.

Presentations are based on one hour with a maximum of 30 students in each group.

(If there are a few over 30 it will be $5.50/child.)

Four one hour presentations are available in one day.

Presentations include
the never fail hands-on with live invertebrates,
viewing and observing the invertebrates that can’t be held i.e. Spiders, Centipedes and Scorpions
and visual displays and question time.


Swan Christian Collage

We really enjoyed your positive and kind and gentle manner and the way you presented and interacted with our students. They loved the creatures and thought you were such a kind lady.


As a teacher, I really enjoyed the way you answered the kids’ questions. Your incursion sparked much discussion.

Landsdale Primary School

Thank you, it was a fantastic incursion. All the students were engaged and excited to see your magnificent insects.

Clifton Hills PS

Thank you so much for the amazing incursion. The students, teachers and parents involved all thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Sorrento PS

The students got so much out of your visit.

Peter Carnley ACS

Thank you so much for the incursion yesterday. It was fantastic and thoroughly enjoyed by all. The students were very excited and talked about it nonstop for the rest of the day.

Wembley Downs PS

The students had a wonderful time.

Our Lady's Assumption School

We really enjoyed the morning. I was so impressed with the variety and amount of minibeasts the children were able to get up close and personal with.  Thank you for the additional resources.

WCLDC Padbury

Thank you for such a fantastic incursion.  David was amazing and worked so well with our children.  Our senior admin staff have suggested that the incursion is used over our five campuses next year as part of our science program.

The children had a fantastic time and have shared their newly found information with the WHOLE school and their families.

St Lawrence PS

Thank you, Fleur, it was a wonderful incursion and the children were amazed at all the insects. What a great program for little people!

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