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Large Print-run Posters/Charts

The posters are printed in full colour on quality 250 g/2m stock and gloss laminated on the front. Size 70cm by 50cm.

Easy viewed Spiders of South West
Magnificent Moths of WA

Posters are now available from $15.00 each plus package and post.

Contact Eco-Action to place an order

  1. Easily Viewed Spiders of South West Western Australia

  2. Magnificent Moths of Western Australia


Custom designed posters/charts are available on demand.
See below for some possibilities.

Contact David to place an order

  • Exceptional Beetles of Western Australia

  • Jewel Beetles of Australia

  • Jewel Beetles of any particular state

  • Sensational Beetles of Australasia

  • Sensational Spiders of Australia

  • Exceptional Jumping Spiders of Australia

  • Amazing Spiders of the Indo-Pacific Region

  • Sensational Spiders of Australasia

  • Spider Jewels of the Indo-Pacific Region

  • A Pictorial Celebration of the Moths of Australasia

  • A Closer Look at South-east Asian Rainforests

  • A Closer Look at Indo-Pacific Rainforests

  • Australia's Reptiles

  • A Pictorial celebration of the Insects of Australia

  • A Pictorial celebration of the Insects of Western Australia

  • A Pictorial Celebration of the Insects of QLD, NSW, WA.

  • Custom designed poster/charts for any other purpose


David is an experienced wildlife photographer specialising in macro-invertebrates, reptiles and amphibians. Browse through thousands of images and purchase those that inspire you.

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