Large Print-run Posters/Charts

The posters are printed in full colour on quality 250 g/2m stock and gloss laminated on the front. Size 70cm by 50cm.

Posters are now available from $15.00 each plus package and post.

  1. Easily Viewed Spiders of South West Western Australia

  2. Magnificent Moths of Western Australia


Contact info@spinelesswonders.com.au to place an order


Custom designed posters/charts are available on demand.
See below for some possibilities.


  • Exceptional Beetles of Western Australia

  • Jewel Beetles of Australia

  • Jewel Beetles of any particular state

  • Sensational Beetles of Australasia

  • Sensational Spiders of Australia

  • Exceptional Jumping Spiders of Australia

  • Amazing Spiders of the Indo-Pacific Region

  • Sensational Spiders of Australasia

  • Spider Jewels of the Indo-Pacific Region

  • A Pictorial Celebration of the Moths of Australasia

  • A Closer Look at South-east Asian Rainforests

  • A Closer Look at Indo-Pacific Rainforests

  • Australia's Reptiles

  • A Pictorial celebration of the Insects of Australia

  • A Pictorial celebration of the Insects of Western Australia

  • A Pictorial Celebration of the Insects of QLD, NSW, WA.

  • Custom designed poster/charts for any other purpose

Wildlife Educational Services

Each presentation is a fresh and unique opportunity for children to see magnificent invertebrates that they are unlikely to have seen alive. Children are left with memorable experiences after participating in the presentation which combines humor, fact and myth with world class wildlife photography, still displays and the resoundingly successful hands-on component.

General Exhibitions

Be a part of this fresh and unique opportunity to see magnificent live invertebrates as you never have before. Participants will be left with memorable experiences after viewing the display of invertebrates.

The public continually ask “How long are you here for?”


David is an experienced wildlife photographer specialising in macro-invertebrates, reptiles and amphibians. Browse through thousands of images and purchase those that inspire you.

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