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Spineless Wonders was conceived by David and Fleur Knowles in 1998 as a Perth-based wildlife education service specialising in the largest group of visible living creatures - the Arthropods (mini-beasts). No other animal group has a greater collective impact on world terrestrial environments, other than humans. Mini-beasts (macroinvertebrates) play vital roles in our environment as cleaners, pollinators, recyclers, sources of food, prey and predators.


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Australian Biological Surveys

SPINELESS WONDERS aims to demonstrate animal biodiversity in the proportions it actually occurs.

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For any query in regard to conducting biological surveys within Australasia, invertebrate I.D. and publishing services or invertebrate presentations please contact David or Fleur who will be happy to discuss any requirement that you may have.

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We endeavour to be effective advocates for land invertebrates and expose the wonderful biodiversity found in Australia and south-east Asia. Addressing cross curriculum presentations with a focus on Science, English and Humanities and Social Sciences.

Biological Surveys and Consultancy

Completed fauna (macroinvertebrate and herpetofauna) inventory surveys include;

Bannister Creek Perth W.A.
Blackboy ridge Reserve Chittering W.A.
Bullsbrook Nature Reserve W.A.
Bungendore Park Reserve Bedfordale W.A.
Fairfield Bushland (for Bannister Creek Catchment Group Inc), Perth.



Be a part of this fresh and unique opportunity to see magnificent live invertebrates as you never have before. Participants will be left with memorable experiences after viewing the display of invertebrates


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